How do you download GTA 5 on mobile,gta 5 mobile apk free download

How do you download GTA 5 on mobile

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hello my wonderful friends welcomet o modern tech channel friends in this
video I will tell you that how you cand ownload GTA 5 on Android for free
yes friends GTA 5 for Android as in the

previous video I asked you the topic on
which you want me to make video and so
many of you requested me to make video
on GTA 5 for Android so friends and
starting I will tell you one thing that
you have to watch this video till end

How do you download GTA 5 on mobile?

either your game will do not work when I
had also download this game then there
are so many problems which are coming so
I don't want that you also face all that
problems ok friends you also know that
GTA 5 is a very wonderful game and it is

not available for Android so don't worry
because I will tell you away from which
you can play the GTA 5 on Android the
way is that you have to convert the GTA
San Andreas into GTA 5 by doing this you
will get all the same features of GTA 5
like you will get the amazing cars you

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will get the characters of GTA 5 and
much more and you can play GTA 5 on
Android so please watch this video till
end and one thing more that GTA 5 is
very large in size so you have to keep 3
to 4 GB free space in your Android ok
friends let's begin


Can we download GTA 5 in Android?

friends I will tell you very easy steps
to download GTA 5 Android game so
firstly you have to go to the

description of this video and there I
had given a game link so you have to
lick on that link when you click on
that link you will come on this website
now when you scroll down here you will
see some download links the first link

is a game apk the second link is of gta5
obv file and third link is of GTA 5 data
file so you have to download all these
three files from here I had already
downloaded all these three files let me

show you my downloaded files so here is
my free downloaded files now when you
check details of apk its size is about
24 MB when you check the details of the
data file of size is about 499 MB and

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when you check the details of OBB file
its size is about 1.7 8 GB ok friends
after downloading these files you have
to go to play store

now here in the Play Store search box
you have to search set archiver friends
you have to install this set archiver in
your android I had already installed it
so I will do not install it again

now friends open the Zed archiver here
on Zed archiver you have to open that
same files which you had downloaded from
that website here it is now firstly

install the apk which looks like GTA san

How can I play GTA 5 on Android?

installation will take some time
so you have to wait for it
okay friends after installing it simply
tap on done okay after installing this

apk you have to extract both the data
and ovb files so firstly tap on data
file and choose the extract option now
you have to extract this file into
device memory Android data folder

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gta 5 mobile apk free download

friends extraction will take some time
so let me seek this extraction process
okay friends after extraction of data
you have to extract the OBB file so tap

on it and choose the extract option now
you have to extract the OBB file into
device memory Android OBB folder friends
this extraction will also take some time

o let me skip this extraction process

also ok friends after the extraction
process our all process are completed
now you can play the game so you have to
open the GTA apk which you had installed

friends as you can see that our gta5Android game has been started you cans ee the gameplay alsand

friends enjoyt he gameplay friends in this game youw ill get amazing supercars which you cand rive the character is also of GTA 5 andt here are so many same features which iss ame as GTA 5 so

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friends now you cana lso download the GTA 5.Android game ony our Android and friends if you willf ace any problems in download or if youw ant to give any suggestions theno cmment below I will definitely reply

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